17 April 2009

Did you know that the United States is conducting a census right now? Supposedly they do one every ten years (or over set period of time "x"). Most people probably think this is pretty insignificant and perhaps even irritating, yet a census is important. For one thing it determines the number seats or something that a state is granted in Congress. And.. yeah..

I just discovered programs can use profane language on cable television thanks to hotel TV. Is this the future??


Visiting my potential art school today was a combination of things. It was terrifying, daunting, encouraging, boring, annoying, exciting, the list goes on.
BY THE WAY, whenever I hear the phrase "the [insert word here] goes on" I think of the Whispers! Click on the link and listen to the song. If you don't like any aspect of it you have no soul. Literally and figuratively.. That was not intended to be a pun, honestly.
Anyways, if I do go to California College of the Arts, I met my competition today. She has a business card, website, and skills that kills my own. IT'S ALL GOOD THOUGH. Maybe we can collaborate on something and I can secretly leech all of her powers and make them my own. Except I don't want to be vindictive, and that is just messed up.

And OH YEAH. If I do go to the Bay Area for school...
- NO I will not cheer for the Giants.
- YES I will cheer for the 49ers AND the Raiders.
- NO I will not cheer for the Fremont Athletics.
- YES I will bike EVERYWHERE.


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lol I was like who is Basil
So I'm guessing you're still up North



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