20 November 2008

Beautiful Things

One is walking one's dog down the street when one notices a man working on his front yard. It is apparent that the man owns the house by his dress and manner of work and the man is carry heavy cinder blocks up a flight of stairs to build a wall. When one stops walking and ties their dog to a post to go and help this man carry up the blocks, it is a beautiful thing.

The deaths of trees during the autumn are spectacular, the colors vibrant and radiant as the trees slowly fade away. They are dying yet as they exit they are splendid and one forgets to feel sadness. In the spring, the rebirth of the trees is breathtaking, flowers springing forth to signal a new beginning and life. The flowers on the tree offer pleasant aromas and are pleasing to one's sight. The death and life of trees is a beautiful thing.

One is lying on one's couch after a long day of work, relaxing before the television. Drowsiness is inevitable and as one begins to doze off, one notices their dog. The dog crawls onto the couch and curls up on one's legs, intent on joining one in their rest. The weight of the dog is heavy, but the warmth is welcome. This show of affection from dog to owner is a beautiful thing.

When people are talking with one another and are laughing because they find joy in the others presence, that is a beautiful thing.

One is away from the city, perhaps in the middle of a desert or a forest, looking up at the night sky. The plethora of stars one observes is magnificent and takes one's breath way. This natural show of grandeur is beautiful thing.

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bink320 said...

that's deep! :)
I've experienced 4 out of the 5 :)
good stuff! makes me want to go outside and lay on the ground and look at stars :D



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