07 November 2008

The majority of the movies I watch are viewed using my computer. When I watch a movie and the movie fails to pique my interest, my fingers get restless. So what I do is I open up a Word document and I type as I'm watching the movie.

Recently I saw a movie called Kairo (Pulse). I had very high expectations for it due to all this hype I read about it on the internet, but believing the hype was a mistake. Something to keep in mind for the future: Don't believe the hype!

This movie was genuinely scary momentarily, but it was frustrating as hell and all the scary scenes amounted to nothing. It's like going up a roller coaster and finding out that once you're on top the ride's been designed to coast down at a leisurely walking pace and you feel cheated.

Consider what's below a movie review of sorts: a very personal, intimate, and sincere movie review.

Kairo (Pulse):

She forgot to give him her number. That's the girl from the Last Samurai. The Last Samurai, apparently, didn't too well in the United States, in terms of box office success, but it was supposedly a huge hit overseas. They see that kid? And they aren't freaked out? This music really adds to the atmosphere.

Have a go?

That's what the guy is saying. Have a go at what? Wow. That's just a little creepy. Whoever composed the music for this movie is amazing. It's really scary. Wow, that word is so shit. He disappeared. I see. He must be a student. I don't know him. Maybe you're right. Sorry I encouraged you. See you. Wait a minute. Just what was that? I'm cold.


That tea sounds good. Maybe I'll get some for myself right now. The spirit it turns out the realm they live in is finite. Once it's filled to the brim, it's got to overflow somewhere. But where? The souls have no choice.

Maybe at first it started with something really simple.

You saw one yourself. I don't believe your stories. It's all hypothetical.

Michi what do you think going's on? Mike only asked me that so he could brag about how he can type more than 100 words a minute. Maybe. Maybe not. When I say something like that I sound like Brandon. Is our boss with you there by any chance. Thank you, and excuse me. I'll go look for him. Junco, wait. Yabe. Are you Yabe?

Okay. What the fuck is going on? I'm so confused. This movie makes no sense now. Don't cry. Aww. How sweet. The first and last time I typed on a real typewriter was at Uncle Gang-oon's house. You want to go back? To what's left of Harue? That make you feel better? Why did she shoot herself? I don't understand. No, let's go. As far as we can go. Are you sure about that? Yeah. I'm positive. Ghosts have entered the physical realm? What the flying fuck. So I guess the ghosts have weakened him.

Oh look, how convenient. There's a boat right there. Why do they keep on doing that "Wait here." shit. And how is that plane crashing. I don't understand what's going on. The ghosts are taking over everything?

The ghosts can just randomly kill people?

What the fucking shit. I'm going to have to look this movie up on Wikipedia later. Death comes to us all. But we chose to keep going, into the future. Killing yourself is easy. Living is hard. We'll head for Latin America. We're still getting signals form there. We've got to give it a try, no matter what we find. If anyone's survived, we can head out again and go as far as we can. Come on. Be strong. I don't like making my finger jump up like that. Now, alone with my last friend in the world, I have found happiness.

What the hell. What the fuck. What the shit just happened. I don't get that movie at all. To me, it seriously makes no fucking sense. So he's a ghost now too?

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water the roots said...

haha your reaction at the end reminds me of battle royale. haha and don't tell me those random names are people you just made up. i think they are....that worries me nathan. :]



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