05 November 2008

Beneficiary Squirrels

"Beneficiary Squirrels" is a collaborative installation piece installed on campus at a school. The installation consists of three sculptures and two separate phases. The squirrels, which are constructed out of cardboard and decorated with paint, function as recycle receptacles. They were originally located at key areas throughout the school where students congregate during recess and lunch. They were intended to invade space and comfort zones, intriguing the viewer in the process, and lead to an ultimately helpful outcome.
It rained heavily the night following initial installation, thus some drastic changes had to be made, not only physically and structurally but conceptually as well. It was decided to return the squirrels back to their homes, the trees on campus. Their functionality as recycle bins was not demeaned by the addition of trees, but I feel supplemented. By adding something we try to protect through the process of recycling, it is in a way a form of instant gratification. Direct results abound.

Pre-Rain Installation:

E*****'s Pollock inspired squirrel.

W**-J**'s Pikachu inspired squirrel.

My squirrel lacked inspiration, so I did what I usually do when my inspiration runs dry: I put my face on it (along with the teams' faces).

Post-Rain Installation (after the elements raped our squirrels):

Team Squirrel:


uloserfacee said...

next time when you get a lack of inspiration, put MY face on it

el.grache said...

i totally lol'ed with the pikachu squirrel in the tree. :D!! haha i like the new squirrels. the first one is clever :]. your's is just too cool to be a squirrel recycling bin.



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