03 April 2009

Cathy and the Farm

Dust flew up from behind the roaring automobile as Cathy made her way to her newly acquired piece of property. Her entire life, Cathy had lived in the city, and she had hated it. The noise, the smells, the people, everything about it, every aspect, just got on her nerves. When she finally became an adult and acquired a fairly decent amount of money, she made moving out her first and highest priority. Eight months and several boyfriends later, she had acquired the Sunshine estate in Lakersfield. Driving there now, she was ecstatic. Cathy looked forward to her new life in the country, working the land and being rugged.

The car slowed down to a roll as she made her way up the drive way to her new life. She didn’t spend long gazing from her car, opting to escape its metallic confines and take in her new home in all its natural, organic glory. However, the first thing she noticed wasn’t anything her eyes detected. The first thing Cathy noticed was the smell! Everything around her seemed to reek of cow feces, even her city-born car. She stopped for a moment, tripping over her own feet as this new smell bombarded her, and her hands fell upon the car. The dust that was on her car, the dirt that she standing on, she realized something: it was all cow feces!

Panic began to rise within Cathy; she had to get out of here. Her hands fumbled with the door of her car and she sped inside it once the door was upon. But her eyes welled up in horror when they fell upon the gas meter. The dial was on “E”! Cathy screamed at the top of her lungs, falling out of her car’s seat and landing on the dirt outside. Her head began spinning, a sensory overload overwhelming her brain!

Then there was a snap.

People out in the country say Cathy still lives there on the Sunshine estate in Lakersfield, harvesting her annual imaginary crop of cow feces, feasting upon it every season and using the surplus to prepare for the next harvest and make clothing.

People in the city always knew Cathy never had the greatest sensory perception. And that just about concludes things.



So I have decided to free myself when I write. Just in case that was not already obvious.

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