21 April 2009

This is going to be one of those self-centered posts about me. Me, I, My. Not you, her, him, yours, theirs, they. Me.

I never realized there were places still like this around where I live. When I was younger, I must have seen it before. My father and I would often go hiking spontaneously, sometimes in the most bizarre places, yet I guess I just did not appreciate places like this back in the day.

When I lie back and stare at the rock now, my imagination beings to explode. I envision a face and some sort of enormous creature frozen in the stone, waiting for the time to come when it will break free and walk the Earth. The nooks and crannies remind me of dwellings and I imagine tiny mice or birds living in them, using the rock as a fort or a base of operations.

I am glad my imagination has not died with age thus far. Being monotonous seems boring. The expected is boring. Math is boring.


Grey said...

Climb it!

WTHsupLala said...

whoa .. that is really beautiful ...
i agree lol that you should climb it... =] ..
ill spot you .. or whatever you call it lol



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