24 April 2009


Black Panther – Crystal Castles /// Occupied Motion

Treatment by: Nathanael Cho

A person is going to bike around a set course continuously throughout the entire day at specific times. For the majority of the film scenes will be shot from the first-person and the face of the main character will never actually be seen. Only in the beginning and the end will the perspective of the first-person not be blatantly obvious and the scene is open to interpretation.
The specific times for the different shots will be spaced out and the lighting at those specific times will be variably different in an objective sense. For example, from six in the morning until nine at night I will go out every three hours and take footage. The camera will either be fastened on top of my head or be held in my hand as I bike.

The purpose of this film is to demonstrate an alternate reality that is contrasting to the words “Occupied Motion”. Often times with our lives, we unknowingly set ourselves in a groove or routine. Whether we realize it or not, it is present and there is a high probability that this monotony and habit dictates not only what we do but what we feel and experience. I desire that by seeing the various shots in their simplicity and beauty, which will be carried out throughout the day and thus overlap ones normal schedule, the audience will be stimulated and become aware of their surroundings. Scenes will be simple, and the ultimate result I seek is self-action.

Shot List (all times are subject to change):

- No music yet, only the ambient sounds of the environment and the bicycle. The camera will be held low to the ground and pointed up at an angle no more than 45 degrees. The bicycle is on the ground, one wheel suspended in the air and spinning freely. [5-10 seconds]

- Camera is now held at a “normal” first-person perspective and the character is on his/her bike. Initially the camera is pointed down at the ground and then shifts up to look forward. Position is held for a period of time and then the character looks to his/her left, leading to the next cut. [approximately 30 seconds]

- Previous perspective is maintained and character is now looking to the left for a period of time. Then the character looks to his/her right and the scene cuts again. [approximately 30 seconds]

- Identical to the previous shot except character is now pointed to the right. Wait again set period of time and then look up. [approximately 30 seconds]

- Character is looking up afterwards until perspectives shifts downwards to the floor. Scene cuts to next one. [approximately 30 seconds]

- Last scene on bicycle, character is looking down for a period of time until the camera is jolted suddenly and film goes black. (Note that the camera is not damaged, the damaged is only implied.) [approximately 30 seconds]

- Final scene, the bicycle is lying on the ground again yet the background is not identical the one seen in the first scene. Wheel is seen spinning rapidly and then scene fades out. [10-15 seconds]


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