02 July 2009

class schedule


8-1 Community-Based 4D Visual Dynamics (not really sure what this is but it sounded cool)
4-7 Drawing 1 (i can't draw)


8-11 Tools B&W Photo (i can't take photos)
12-1:30 Intro to Visual Arts (requirement requirement requirement)
4-5:30 English 2 (better than getting stuck in English 1)

People always ask me if I'm excited for college, and you know what?
Now I am.


Yining said...

haha i asked you that.
you're going to have so much fun!

Grey said...

only classes on monday /wednesday? sweet. if have to develop/print your own stuff for b/w photo i have to warn you, it is a humongous time eater.

veeej said...

damn, you got photo? they told me that was full so i'm taking intro to graphic design. free on fridays though too? dope.



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