30 August 2009

College, Week One

Rather than trying to write something coherent and insightful, I will just type out random bullets and miscellaneous points.

- My dorm is nice, nicer than the ones at Berkeley. Earlier this week, I visited the UC Berkeley campus and residential halls with some new-found friends, and my dorms are nicer. /point

- Tonight is the first night my room-mate is sleeping over. This past week, he has been spending time with his family in a hotel instead of living in the dorm. It is cool though. His family lives in Taiwan, and apparently he does not have many opportunities to see them.

- My school does not have a meal plan, so I need to either cook all my food, buy it elsewhere, or starve. Cooking has not been that bad, and neither has buying food elsewhere. Next to my school's San Francisco campus is a burrito place that is pretty tasty. They have different kinds of tortillas and beans, and their salsa verde is bomb. As of yet I have not starved once.

- There are a lot of people here who can draw very well.

- Hills can be hell when biking. Yesterday (or two days ago) I biked through San Francisco with a new friend, and things can get pretty nuts. After we went biking, we made teriyaki chicken stir-fry and watched a documentary called Mash. The documentary is all about fixed-gear riding in San Francisco, and now more than ever I want a fixie (and I want to ride it like the guys in Mash do -- fearlessly).

- Classes start tomorrow (or later today).

The end.

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Anonymous said...

i hope you'll update your blog soonish! i like your words. no pressure.



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