13 February 2009


So I sent an email recently to Posterchild, thanking him for inspiring me. Let's see what happens

Today will be a fun fact Friday.
Whenever I sit in front of a computer, there are always specific sites I go to regularly just to download pictures. First, it was 4chan. I would go to the /hr/ board and download what appealed to me. The pro of 4chan was that things are created in threads, so if I see a thread I like I get lots of pictures around the same topic. The con of 4chan was that it was the cancer of the internetand possibly society and was destroying me.
So now I use Ffffound. (Thanks C_ _ _ _ _ _.) And I am very very very satisfied. Very.
Because I actually like pretty much ALL the images. Sure, they're mostly art & design related. But I think that's super super cool.
(in case it wasn't already obvious, when I can't think of an appropriate adjective I just repeat basic ones.)

Something I found recently that I really like:

Maybe one day Ffffound will link to here. That is a hope.

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c_ _ _ _ _ _ said...

hehe, i like that you censored my name. and you're welcome man.

did you turn in that BA hometest to parsons yet??!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me about it later. you will kick ass, i know it. very nice portfolio, btw.



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