15 February 2009

Within myself I find a compulsion to create, a compulsion that is both a feeling and a desire simultaneously. It has been present for as long as I can remember, and to this day I love how when fed, it continues to manifest itself in new, tangible ways.
Printmaking is currently my favorite form of expression. I love the stage of preparation, whether it be exposing a silk-screen or carving a linoleum block. It is relaxing and soothing, and offers me an opportunity to escape from the craziness of the world for a short period of time. When the preparation is complete, there is an always an overwhelming sense of satisfaction that swells after the first print is made, a sense of satisfaction that only grows after every print.
Recently I have fallen in love with Typography, which propels my love for Printmaking and has piqued my interest in the field of Graphic Design. Typography appeals to me because of its infinite possibilities with seemingly set resources – the letters and numbers of language. With these twenty-six letters and ten numbers you can create art and designs that evoke fear, sorrow, and joy – every emotion within the human spectrum.
Artists who are prolific and create things on massive scales inspire me. Viewing the works of Richard Serra, Posterchild, Robert Smithson, Rone, Barry McGee, and many other artists drives me to better myself and my art. How far I wish to go with my art, I am not yet sure. But I truly believe that it is always better to do something in and with life rather than nothing at all. There is nothing wrong with seeking the best.
The purpose of my finished art is to serve others. I take the time to indulge in it and be selfish as I plan and create it, but once I feel that I am finished the art is no longer mine – it is the worlds. With my art I seek to inspire, to instigate, and to catalyze those who experience it. I wish for my art to help people feel things they have never felt before, to make them think things their paradigm would not have normally allowed, and to spark action within their hearts. If my art achieves nothing and if the audience walks away with little more than exposure to something nice, I have failed. For then my art is useless, as good as wallpaper, and I and the world have no need for useless art.

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