02 June 2009

Boston, Day 1

Nathan left for the airport last night at approximately nine at night, after eating dinner with his aunt, her husband, and his cousin and his girlfriend. His flight was supposed to leave at ten fifty-five at night, but got delayed for a rather long time after a part had to be replaced on the plane he was riding on.

(However, the airport didn't have any spares of that particular part, so they had to go and take the part out of an idle plane. This is remeniscent of something Nathan tried doing once with his bike after it sprouted a flat and he needed that bike in particular because it had a rack on the back that he needed because of a prior commitment.)

Leaving LAX late did not really phase Nathan because he did not even notice. He was asleep on the plane before it left. At nine in the morning on Tuesday, Nathan arrived at Logan airport in Boston. There he rendevouzed (that may be spelled incorrectly) with his cousin and together they left.

Nathan's cousin surprised him with a weekly pass for the T, Boston's metro system. Personally, Nathan was shocked that they even had such a thing. It was a very pleasant surprise. They spent most of their day walking around Harvard (the school Nathan's cousin is graduating from) eating and looking and buying and reading.
There are a lot of fascinating buildings around Harvard, and in particular the business school looks like a very fancy wealthy surburb (Surprise).
The bookstores and booktables are equally intriguing. I like them.


Kevin said...

Was the bookstore underground? Near Park Street?

toast said...

Harvard has a lovely campus, although that is no surprise. It just oozes "affluent old New England." The T, on the other hand, oozes "rickety old New England." Although very convenient and easy as pie to figure out, I still have nightmares of the times I got stuck in the tunnels due to temporary power failures.



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