03 June 2009

Boston, Day 2

Boston continually grows on me more and more, and as I spend greater amounts of time walking and travelling around the city, I feel as if I could stay here forever.
Buildings like this will pop out from seemingly nowhere, standing in stark contrast against the normal Boston landscape. The last time I was in Boston, which was in late August last year, this building was here as well.
the building is very very very historic, and wasn't supposed to be cut in half in the first place. Advocates for the preservation of the bulding decided that it would be better half-preserved than half-demolished, so for almost one whole year they've been defending it by living underneath it.
Maybe not.
Boston is definitely a great city, but a winter here would probably kill me. Or a winter here would probably end up with me killing myself. Living with a snow for over a month, that's just terrible.
Oh yes.
I tried cannoli for the first time today (with cheese instead of cream). It's pretty damn GOOD.


toast said...

Oh, Boston. I lived there for 3 years while I was in university, and I do miss it now that I've moved back down South. The cannoli are amazing! Do you have a loyalty to where you get your cannoli from? I was a Modern fan myself.

And being from a warm-weather state where any snowfall is considered a sign of the apocalypse, I always found myself wondering why I had picked to go to school in the Northeast every time winter rolled around.

Grey said...

I'm listening to Celine Dion on PBS right now and it reminds me of you! Keep posting, these are interesting.



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