04 June 2009

Boston, Day 3

Harvard graduation ceremonies abounded today. My cousin had forewarned me that there would be an enormous amount of people, but reality usually tends to supercede my expectations and not the other way around.
There were the most bizarre people at the initial, school-wide ceremony. At Harvard, they have one large ceremony for all of the different schools, and then each of the separate schools and houses have their own ceremonies.
By far the men (and woman) in top hats were the most interesting. They wore classy tuxedos and fancy pantsy top hats, and on top of that, they carried in their hands things that can only be described as wands. For a moment I felt like I was in Hogwartz.
I remember seeing one of them in the morning on the T (the subway) and wondering where the hell they were going dressed up like that.
Check out the guy with the blue, tassle-y hat. There was another person dressed up exactly like that, yet their garments were orange.
Apparently the more prestigious you are academically, the more ridciulous your robes are.
Congratulations cousin, good job on graduating from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a Masters. Woo hoo. Now go change the world.

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